Anyone from a top makeup artist, to a simple enthusiast like me, can tell you that when it comes to makeup - your tools are key. You can have the best pieces from the best brands, but you really won't get the most out of them without some great brushes to apply them with.
So I thought I would show you my little collection! I think I have gathered a good base of brushes over the years. I have most of what some would call "the basics" and although I will still always have a wishlist the length of my arm, I'm happy with what I have!

I had a brush clear-out not too long ago to get rid of any haggard, loose or shedding pieces, but some of these brushes are still 6 years old and going strong!

Zoeva - The Complete Set - €115
My most recent purchase. Well, gift, Matt got them for me for Christmas just gone! I had been drooling over this set for almost a year before actually getting it - it's just a fantastic base set. I definitely believe that every brush collection needs a set or kit with all the basics included, and then you can build your own bits up from there. This is a brilliant starting point, and very reasonably priced considering the amount of brushes you get and the quality.
This kit contains 15 brushes for both face and eyes, 4 of which are natural/synthetic mixes, whilst the rest are all either vegan synthetic or vegan taklon hairs. The handles of the face brushes are also almost travel sized as they're so short, they barely peak out of the top of my brush holders!
These brushes are sturdy and obviously very well made, I can really see them lasting me years. My favourites from this set have to be the 104, 227 and the 317.

Sigma - Make Me Classy Kit - €160
I got this set way back in 2012 and although they're no longer shiny and new and the writing is fading off the handles, they are still in perfect condition and are some of my all time favourite brushes. Proof that good brushes are worth the money if you take good care of them! I would be lost without this set.
It contains 12 brushes including 4 face brushes and 8 smaller brushes for eyes/concealer. They are made from the special SigmaTech fibres which are essentially synthetic bristles that are also hypo-allergenic and antibacterial. My absolute winners from this kit have to be the F40, E65 and the E60.

Real Techniques - Between €7.99 - €18.99 for singles
I love Real Techniques products. They're good quality, relatively cheap, they're pretty AND you can pick them up in boots - which is sometimes too easy. Although I love the sleekness of black/silver brush handles, I actually adore the fun, bright colours that Real Techniques use. They're made from synthetic bristles and currently have such a large collection from when they first began!
I started off by buying the Core Collection (face) and the Starter Set (eyes) about 2 years ago and have since then received the Deluxe Gift Set from family at Christmas. I also use their beauty blenders and repurchase them every 3 months or so. 
Of course, I also love how this brand was created by the Pixiwoo girls, Sam and Nic, which just shows the power that Youtubers and Bloggers have these days. 
My favourite brushes from RT have to be the base shadow brush (which I have two of and honestly, I need more), the angled highlighter brush and the contour brush. 

PS. Love* - Between €1.50 - €3.00
As I mentioned in my post on the Penneys SS16 collection, Primark recently relaunched their makeup brushes line, which I love! These brushes are insanely cheap, perfect for beginners and super attractive with their back and rose gold hardware. It doesn't say on their website but I'm pretty sure these brushes are synthetics also.
This collection is a mixture of double ended brushes (which I'm usually not a fan of, but for this price I can deal) and regular single ended brushes. They also have a beauty blender and a short kabuki brush.
I'm not sure these brushes with last forever, but they are perfect for anyone starting out with makeup and tools, or even for more experienced makeup users who just want to build their collection with some easy alternatives to expensive brands.
My favourites from this range are the double sided fluffy powder brush, and the smaller end of the double sided foundation brush - which I love for packing on powder to smaller areas like blemishes and the sides of my nose. 

Mix and Match - GOSH, Smashbox, Urban Decay, etc
Everyone has a mixture of brushes from here and there that they can just about place and these are mine! They consist of Smashbox (first 5 brushes - clear handle), GOSH (next 3 brushes, all black handles), Urban Decay (next 2 brushes, green and nude handles) and the next 3 brushes are a mystery to me, it's possible that they're a mix of No7 and a nameless eBay brand. 
The GOSH brushes are probably my oldest ones, I think I picked them up when I was 15, making them about 7 years old. I still use the largest brush for applying highlight most days!

My Top 5 Brushes
Although I love having loads of brushes to choose from when doing my makeup, and I do typically need quite a few brushes for doing my eye makeup alone - these are my top 5 brushes and I could definitely do my full face with just them.
  •  Base Shadow Brush by Real Techniques, I use this brush for everything including applying transition shades, covering my whole lid, applying highlight, and of course blending. It's so versatile. I already have two of these brushes and I absolutely need to pick up some more!
  • F40 Contour Brush by Sigma, This brush is the perfect density and shape for applying powder contour. I have a couple of similar brushes and although I'll use them if this one is being cleaned or something, my contour just never looks as good without it. 
  • 317 Angled Liner Brush by Zoeva, I use this brush to perfectly define my brows, and they're never sharper than when I use this brush. It is unbelievably thin which makes creating a precise shape so easy.
  • 227 Luxe Soft Definer by Zoeva - I was surprised that I like this brush so much as it's made from natural fibres which isn't what I'm typically used to. I would absolutely prefer if it was synthetic, however it's a fantastic brush regardless. Fluffy blending brushes are always a saviour, which is why I have two in my top five. You can never have too many and can easily create so many types of eye looks with just them!
  • Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Techniques - Similar to the name brand Beauty Blender, but the Real Techniques version is bright orange and has one flat side which I love and find a lot easier when it comes to liquid foundation application. I use this every time I do my foundation to the point where I've almost forgotten how to use brushes! As I usually use a medium - full coverage foundation, this sponge couldn't be more perfect and gives me an (almost) flawless base every time. A damp beauty blender is life changing.

What are your favourite makeup brushes? Have you tried any from my collection?

Also, if you guys would be interested in a post on my makeup brush wishlist, let me know and even give me some suggestions!


  1. Love this post especially your pictures! You can tell you put so much time and effort in to getting them perfect! x

    1. Thanks a mil Susan that really means a lot. I do what I can with my crappy iPhone 5C camera! x

  2. This is such a long and detailed post - props girl! Photographs are also very nice. I love Zoeva brushes and also my beloved Bobbi Brown brush.
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    1. Thanks so much girl! Ah I used to have a few Bobbi Brown brushes, they're really nice x

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  3. You are so lucky you have the Zoeva brushes! X

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