urban decay, bad blood, matte revolution, lipstick

Urban Decay have done it again. Sometimes I think that I praise them a little too much on this blog, but if ever there was a deserving company, it's them.

Bad Blood is one of nine brand new shades from the new Matte Revolution Lipstick range; a matte twist on the original Revolution formula that's just as creamy but with a finish that I much prefer. Personally, I love the original formula, but this range is a welcomed step-up. 
Feeling similarly about sheer lipstick as I do decaf coffee, the Sheer Revolution range was really disappointing and uninteresting to me, so I was super excited to try the Matte Revlolution range.

Of course I have to mention the packaging, which is essentially flawless. The same luxuriously sturdy casing as the gunmetal grey of O.G Revolution, and the purple Sheer Revolution, but this time with a seriously sleek and sexy simmer black exterior which matches perfectly with the classic UD purple interior. The lipstick itself is also flat top which I adore.

urban decay, bad blood, matte revolution, lipstick, swatch

I chose the shade Bad Blood, which is a stunning blue-toned classic deep red. I love this shade, reds like this can be worn for any occasion during any season and they will always look incredible and timeless. 
Although there are only 9 shades in this range, UD have got you covered on all the basics - from a brown-toned nude to a berry tone so deep it's almost black. My other matte favourites are 1993, After Dark, Bittersweet and Temper.

My usual favourite classic matte red is of course Ruby Woo by Mac, but unfortunately my tragically dry lips prevent me from wearing it most of the time. With this lipstick, you get the flawless look of a matte finish, but without the drying and flakiness that comes with other matte formulas. 
This formula is creamy and buttery with no dragging, whilst just being a little heavier on the lips than it's original counterpart. 

Oddly enough, this lipstick is also totally unscented. I love sweet smelling lipstick, but unscented isn't exactly a bad thing, I guess it's better than it being sickly and unwearable. 

The pigment and opacity with this lipstick is insane, one layer and you're practically done! It has also proved to be transfer resistant as I recently learned cautiously stuffing my face while out for lunch with my sister. It has at least 5 hours of flawless wear.

urban decay, bad blood, matte revolution, lipstick, swatch
One layer of Bad Blood swatched
This shade does bleed a little so a carefully applied liner and a lip brush wouldn't hurt. It's kind of lucky that it doesn't require any top-ups during the day because I can definitely see that turning into a big ol' mess. 

This lipstick is available in Debenhams now for €19 a piece. 

Have you used any of the Matte Revolution range? What did you think of them? Tell me your favourite shades in the comments below!

urban decay, bad blood, matte revolution, lipstick


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