I have always been an avid tea fan; anything from fruit, to chai, and from Earl Grey, to classic black is A-ok in my books. I love trying new teas so when I spotted the Twinings Indulgence range in my Mum's cupboard when visiting home a few weeks ago, I was itching to try them. 
I love the idea of this range! You get the element of a desert flavoured tea, as well as all the benefits of green tea, what's not to love?! For those of you counting the calories, don't be put off by the sugar sweet names on the boxes, there is actually only 1 calorie per tea bag. 

I have tried on numerous occasions to cut down on regular tea and instead swap it for the healthier green option, but have failed after about a week every time! Its not that I don't enjoy green tea, I just find it a bit bland sometimes. So essentially, this range solves my problems. Also, who doesn't love teabags that come with a little string and tab attached if we're being honest?

This range is still brand new, and as result it isn't easily found. The salted caramel flavour is the only one I have been able to find in the Republic of Ireland (Tesco) so far. I got the other two in Northern Ireland (my family live just below the boarder, I'm not THAT insane that I travelled hours to the North to buy tea), and I still haven't been able to find the caramelised apple or fudge melts flavours! So here's hoping Twinings branch out a little soon. 

They retail at €3.39 per box for 20 individually wrapped envelopes, which obviously I think is worth it, but knock 50c off that and they would be perfect. It's a little expensive, but whatever, treat yo'self!
As always, this is still green tea, so unless you're a crazy person, don't add milk! I recommend brewing for at least 3 minutes depending on your own personal taste. Any longer and the green tea taste can start to take over, which doesn't really bother me at all, so I just leave the teabag in.

I tried the ginger bread flavour first as a safe bet because I know I like ginger and lemon tea and figured it was the same. I was so wrong! Instead of tasting like plain ginger root, you also get the sweetness and the warmth that you get from actual gingerbread. The teabag contains real ginger pieces and natural golden syrup flavour, which becomes apparent but subtle after the first few sips, without being sickly sweet.
I can imagine this tea being perfect for Christmas time, and the perfect healthy alternative to the 330 calories found in Starbucks's gingerbread lattes (as if anyone counts calories at Christmas!).
The only ingredients found in this tea are green tea, ginger root (29%) and natural flavourings (5%).
I found the flavour to be much stronger in this tea than I did the others. I prefer to drink it alone, but apparently it goes beautifully with a slice of lemon. 

Cherry Bakewell
Okay first, I adore cherry bakewells. They're one of those cakes that I rarely had a child, my Mum only ever bought them as 'treats' every now and again. We all love them so they wouldn't last an hour in my house!
I was hesitant to try this flavour as although I love cherry bakewells, I'm not mad about cherry tea. But similarly to the gingerbread tea, I was pleasantly surprised. They seriously got the flavours so spot on for these teas! It tastes wonderfully of not just cherry, but vanilla and almond too, with almond standing out the most. Its so unique! The smell, as I'm sure you can imagine, is heavenly.
The only ingredients are green tea, natural cherry flavouring with other natural flavouring (10%) and natural vanilla favouring with other natural flavouring (2%).

Salted Caramel
I shamelessly jumped on the salted caramel bandwagon in Winter 2014, so this tea is perfection to me. It is by far my favourite from what I have tried of the range so far, and not just because its the only one I can find in Dublin! I'm not ashamed to say that it's been 3 weeks since I first tried it, and I'm already half way through my third box!
The caramel scent also fills the whole room, it's honestly like lighting a Yankee Candle every time you make a cuppa.
I do have to admit, I would like if it was a little more salty, as I mainly just get a hint of warm caramel. The flavour of this tea is a lot more subtle than the others, which makes it perfect for those wanting to try a more flavoursome tea without being overwhelmed by sweetness. However, for those of you who want to do the opposite and sweeten it up, adding a tiny bit of brown sugar really brings out the flavour. 
The only ingredients are green tea and natural flavouring (7%).

starbucks mug

Have you tried any of the Twinings Indulgence range? Which was your favourite? Or do you plan on trying them? Let me know in the comments below!

Niamh x


  1. these sound amazing but we probably don't have them around here! i do love their tea though :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Ahh that's such a shame! You could probably hunt for an alternative, I'm sure there is one somewhere :)

  2. I've wanted to try drinking green tea for the longest time, even though I'm not the biggest tea fan. These sound amazing though! Especially the Gingerbread and Salted Caramel. I may have to hunt these down!

    Katy / Little Laughter Lines

    1. I wasn't either, but these really pushed me toward it. Not even just flavoured ones but plain green tea too! I think it feels so fresh for Summer :) Let me know what you think if you do x

  3. These sound so gooood! I'm not a massive fan of gingerbread in food/drinks but the cherry bakewell and salted caramel look amazing - will definitely be on the look out for them next time :)

  4. Hi, a friend of mine has been raving about the salted caramel but she can't find it anywhere. I'm looking myself for a part of her christmas present. Where did you get this box?

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