Yes its now March, yes these are Valentines Day products, don't judge me. I'm a Lush hoarder, I never use bath lovelies as soon as I get them, I just add them to my stash. I still had a Halloween bubble bar up until two weeks ago!

I received these two products on Valentines Day as a gift from Matthew, the sweetheart. Both are limited edition but some Lush stores still have some left over. They're both also totally vegan, which is just another thing I love about Lush.

Love Locket //
This bath bomb is obnoxiously large. Its a locket that you crack in half to reveal a smaller heart on the inside, making it a 3-in-1 bath bomb that you can use for 3 separate baths. Or, if you're greedy like me, you'll sink it all at once. Its a little more expensive than regular bath bombs because of it's size, retailing at €9.50.
This bath bomb smells beautifully of jasmine, vanilla and neroli essential oils. Creating a sweet, floral, girly scent that at the same time is relaxing and makes for a very serene bath time.
I dropped the littlest heart in my bath first, and the embedded confetti hearts made from paper and red agar seaweed scattered throughout the water. I then dropped each half of the locket in one after the other, and watched the water fizz in to a beautiful yellow and pink swirl.

Unicorn Horn //
I'm going to be honest and say that even if this bubble bar smelled like boiled cabbage, I would probably still buy it because of how cute it is.
Thankfully it smells gorgeous, although not at all how it's appearance suggests. I was expecting it to smell very sweet and candy-like, but instead it smells wonderfully of lavender, ylang ylang and like the Love Locket, neroli oils. Very similar to Noriko soap!
This bubble bar not only gave great bubble payoff, but it also released tiny edible candy stars (although if you were to actually eat them I think you need to have a word with yourself) and glitter swirls into my bath. I was expecting it to turn my bath water into a beautiful colourful rainbow, and the fact that it didn't have any effect on the colour at all was a little disappointing. It left my skin feeling baby soft well in to the next day also. This retails at €4.50.

If given the opportunity I would definitely repurchase. I'm so sad that these products are limited edition, its always the ones that don't last that you fall for the most. Oh well, on to the Easter collection!

Did you try any of the Valentines Day range? Which were your favourites?

Niamh x


  1. I loved both of these products so much, I'm kinda sad that I didn't hoard a couple of them! And I did the same with the Love Locket, sank it all at once. Why not!

    Katy / Little Laughter Lines

  2. i wish i had picked these up! need a lush shop soon

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. win the rose gold GHD styler and hairdryer on my blog here!

    1. I wish they were permanent! I already entered a few days ago sweets, fingers crossed ;)