This isn't actually my first time buying from Foxy Locks, I bypassed my tenth set a good while ago, collected over the years since I was 16 years old. You could say I'm a teeny bit of a fan. But when you find your perfect brand, why stray away from it right? These extensions are definitely some of the best on the market, and I'm positive they are the best in the UK!

Foxy Locks is a wonderful company specialising in 100% human remy hair, clip in hair extensions. It was founded by the stunning Imogen, who also showcases amazing extensions care and styling videos through her youtube channel!
The quality of these extensions is unmatched. They are available in three thicknesses, 125g, 165g and 230g. Even the thinnest ones at 125g are beautifully thick from clip to tip!
Each set contains 8-10 wefts, all 20" in length, which of course can be cut or shaped to suit your preferences. They come with the clips already securely sewn in, each one made of great quality stainless steel and a rubber strip, to ensure they don't just slip out of your hair!

I opted for the 125g regular set, in bleach blonde #613 for £59.00. I would have loved to go for the superior set, but as I was experimenting with colour, I thought it best to go for the cheapest option!
Once I ordered my new extensions with next day delivery, I had to wait a mere hour for it to be dispatched! Honestly, I have never received such fantastic service from an online store in my life.
Sure enough, they arrived the next morning. I think only Foxy Locks lovers like myself will understand the excitement that little pink parcel brings.

As soon as I could I got stuck into dying them.
I've dyed extensions plenty of times before, and as I am a qualified hairdresser, I am confident in doing so. However if you are a little bit nervous or unsure of yourself, you may want to bring them into a salon. Especially because if they go wrong, thats £60 - £132 down the drain!
If you are planning on doing it at home yourself, make sure you totally protect your work space. Otherwise you'll be explaining to your landlord why their perfectly white bathroom needs retiled! I always cover my floor in cling film secured with tape and work from there. 

Obviously enough, I dyed my extensions orange, using a mixture of conditioner and Bleach London's Tangerine Dream.
Once you have your colour mixed up, lay all your wefts out on your protected surface, and slap it on! It shouldn't take too long, no matter how many wefts you have. Just make sure you cover front, back, under the clips, and even the thread at the very top your weft. Tangerine Dream is a non-permanent dye, so it won't cause any damage to this thread. Stronger permanent dyes or bleach can cause it to become weakened, so avoid it in that case.
Once you have left the colour to develop, you can then wash, condition, and air dry your new extensions!

I love how mine turned out! They took to the dye brilliantly and are still as soft as ever.
The only problem with having extensions and brightly coloured hair, is that they don't always match. My hair isn't always this bright, especially this week as I've gone for a more peachy colour, so it does unfortunately mean I cannot wear my new clip ins all the time. Although I think for special occasions or days when you just want full, luxurious locks, they are perfect.

Have you ever tried Foxy Locks extensions? Have you got a favourite hair extensions brand? Let me know about your experience with them in the comments below! 

Niamh x


  1. These look so gorgeous. I've been considering getting extensions for a while but I've been quite sceptical because I know next to nothing about them. But these look great! Love this post. :-)

    1. Thank you so much doll, glad you liked it! Ugh seriously, get these ones, you won't regret it. They're honestly incredible x

  2. These look amazing :) great blog, I have followed you with Bloglovin and if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo


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