While shopping for my usual skin care products and killing time in Boots last week, I drifted (as if by fate) toward the aisle that held the Bleach London line. I had been reading about Bleach products for months and heard nothing but wonderful things about them, so I was dying to try them. 

Then I got totally over-excited when i spotted the Swamp Spritz sea spray that I heard about through Bleach London's Instagram, and for only £6, AND in the Boots 3 for 2 offer. 
I'm usually one for the super straight, sleek, perfectly neat look when it comes to my hair, but lately that has been boring me to tears. I've wanted that beachy/grunge/I woke up like this/messy waves look for a while now but didn't know exactly how to achieve it. You know, for the days where I can't make it to the beautiful, sandy shores of the Medway seaside to dip my head in the water. So I bought Swamp Spritz on a hopeful whim.
nail polish// Barry M limited edition 030
I applied it onto blowdried hair, after I added some Batiste dry shampoo (cherry because its the greatest smell ever) for a little extra volume, scrunched, shook and threw my hair about a bit, and I absolutely was not disappointed. 
The packaging is gorgeous, its smells incredible, it gives all day hold on my hopeless hair that never holds a curl for more than an hour, and it leaves the perfect result. Then there is of course my favourite part, its more than affordable and seems like it will last a really long time as you only need a few sprays. 

 The only con I have about this product, is that it can be a little sticky which makes it difficult to brush out at the end of the day. If you wanted to use Swamp Spritz in your hair one day, not wash it, and change it up and have straight hair the next, I can't see it happening. However, if you used it one day, didn't wash your hair, then used it the next day again teamed with a little dry shampoo, you're completely set as it works perfectly! I've done this as I don't wash my hair every day so as to keep my colour vibrant for longer.

I would definitely recommend this product, in fact I would now name Swamp Spritz as one of my favourite hair products. I am in love! If you haven't got it, literally get up and go get it now.
"When I wanted messy, undone, textured hair, I would use a dry shampoo, a serum, a sea spray, a moisture spray and then a hairspray. Now I just use Swamp Spritz - you get the gist." - Alex Brownsell, Bleach London co-founder and stylist 

Niamh x

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